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We offer a variety of massages for those seeking relaxation.

Partial massage – 30 minutes / BGN 15
It is applied in the areas that are most susceptible to stress – back and neck!

Classic massage – 60 minutes / BGN 30
Reduces muscle fatigue and restores their normal tone!

Sports massage – 60 minutes / BGN 30
Massage technique, which is designed to support the bodies of athletes before sports or for their recovery after exercise!

Relaxing massage – 60 minutes / BGN 30.
This is a well-known method for relieving tension in the muscles and mind!

Anti-cellulite massage – 90 minutes / BGN 40
An effective method of treating cellulite, improve the blood supply effect, reduce the effect of “orange” skin!

Aroma massage – 90 minutes / BGN 45
With natural extracts that can be obtained from flowers, leaves, bark, seeds, fruits of flowers, trees and herbs!

Detox massage with honey – 60 minutes / BGN 45
Removes from the body the accumulated harmful substances, and with its specific method extracts them through the skin!


15 лв. / Once / Per Guest

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