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Of course, you can always dial our phone number and ask for free rooms. But you run the risk of being offered a room that is not to your taste and you will be a little disappointed, although this is difficult with us. Things are always fixable if there are free rooms or apartments.

The best way to book your stay to your liking is through our website. Many of our customers are still worried about doing so or have difficulty using a computer. Here comes our help information.


Browse our page in the subcategory “ROOMS AND APARTMENTS” at https://villamark.net/home/rooms-suites/ and when you find the right room or apartment for your stay, check for availability. Select check-in date and check-out date. Then select the number of adults and the number of children to be accommodated. The system will automatically calculate the number of days for the selected period and price. If your chosen period of accommodation shows that there are no vacancies, do not hesitate and look for another period. The possibility to show that the selected room or apartment is occupied for the selected period is great because it can overlap the occupancy for only one or several days of the selected period. In this case, you can search for available rooms or apartments on the main “First” page of our website.

Basic Search Engine

On the main page of our website: https://villamark.net you can search in the main search engine among all rooms and apartments according to your criteria, by selecting the date of accommodation and date of release and the number of adults and children. This search engine checks the system for all available rooms and apartments in our hotel complex. This way you will be able to choose only from the rooms and apartments available for your period


Do I have to call the accommodation if I make a reservation on the press site? Many people ask themselves this question and for sure then do it.

Do not worry! We will contact you as soon as we receive your reservation through our website. The system is set up so that we receive notification of your reservation almost as soon as it is made. We will take care to contact you to confirm or clarify the details of your stay.

Additional questions:​

Should you require further information about the hotel or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the contacts below.​


[email protected];
[email protected];
+359 02 418 68 09; +359 882 922 999; +359 888 375 605