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Terms & Conditions

General conditions of accommodation:

An ID card is required at check-in;
Guests check-in after 2:00 pm;
The rooms are released until 12:00;
Smoking is prohibited in the hotel’s indoor areas. Smoking is allowed on the premises of the hotel complex.
Pets are allowed at Villa Mark, but after the express request and notification of the hotel staff prior to making the reservation. Only certain breeds are allowed. A pet fee is not charged for the night unless it is available in advance;
It is forbidden for children under 16 to enter the sauna without an adult escort;
Use of the pool by children under the age of 16 is only allowed with an escort.​

Personal data:​

Guests at Villa Mark Hotel provide an ID or international passport at the reception so that their identity can be identified. Guests who do not present ID at the reception cannot be accommodated at the hotel;
Villa Mark Hotel Complex collects data provided by hotel guests in the process of their registration and hotel accommodation;
The hotel collects personal data, which are described in the Model of art. 116, para 2 of the Law on Tourism and in accordance with the obligation, the sites performing hotel business to keep a register of the accommodated tourists. The data to be collected are: name, surname, last name, personal identification number, identity card number, nationality, date of birth, gender;
The additional information the hotel collects is telephone number, address and e-mail.
The details are used to contact the guest to confirm their reservation or, if necessary, to inform the guest if changes have occurred.
The categories of personal data that are collected are only personal data without sensitive customer information, as defined in Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council;
The hotel does not offer or provide access to the hotel data of third parties, such as individuals, companies, foreign organizations, etc. and applies the highest measures to protect the personal data provided by its guests. The hotel provides access to personal data only in the case provided for by law:
Information requested by officials and / or public authorities who are empowered by the applicable law to request such information.
In cases of national security or defence of the country.
In other cases, but only provided for by law.
Some of the data is provided to the following organizations:
Municipality – every hotelier is obliged to send a monthly report to the municipality in which it is located with the names of the accommodated tourists.
Police – the names of guests in case of foreigners accommodated.
National Statistical Agency for statistical purposes.
The personal data of the guests are stored for a period of 5 years.

Rights of data subjects:​

Data subjects are entitled, after submitting a request for a reception or a letter to the DPO (Data Protection Officer) of the hotel in the email address below, to exercise their right to the relevant desired operation:
Right of access, correction, addition, objection, deletion, restriction of processing;
In cases where the data subject requests his data to be deleted, the data will be deleted within 30 days after the submission of the request;
Data subjects have the right, after sending a letter to the hotel DPO, to receive a reply, at the latest within the one-month time limit set by the data protection regulation;
Data subjects have the right, in the event of a case that is not satisfied with the hotel, to file a complaint with the Data Protection Commission.​

Information for the Data Protection Officer:

If you have any questions about the DPO (Personal Data Protection Officer), and if you would like to change, correct, objection and / or other rights mentioned above that data subjects would like to exercise, please email us to the specified E-mail address:
Email: office@villamark.net​

Additional information:​

Hotel guests are granted the right to record video. The hotel provides video surveillance covering the common areas of the hotel in order to ensure the security of its guests. The records are used solely for the purpose described and are not transmitted or made available to third parties unless requested to do so by the law enforcement authorities;
The hotel is not responsible for any damage caused to a car parked in the hotel parking lot, but if possible, it will help resolve any incidents.
Should you require further information about the hotel or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the contacts below.​


+359 02 418 68 09; +359 882 922 999; +359 888 375 605